3D Visualisation

Photo realistic 3D visualisation provides rigor to the development application process, clarity to the design process and acts as a catalyst to your off-the-plan sales and marketing drive.


You supply the digital drawings, usually in CAD.dwg format, or traditional 2D floor plans. The CAD files or floor plans are then converted into 3D models.


Each scene is lit to achieve the desired ambiance and time of day. Exterior and interior scenes are lit with a combination of sunlight and artificial lighting.


We apply textures to each of the elements based upon the technical specifications and samples from the architects and interior designers.


Based on the landscape designer’s specifications the plants and trees are added.  When these plans are unavailable or not required we use our best judgment to create visually appealing and appropriate landscapes.

High Resolution Images

Final high resolution images are rendered and delivered for use in marketing (signage, brochures, magazine advertising ,web etc)


Where an animated presentation or  fly through is required, we then create all of the cameras for the animation and the final video is then rendered out, sent to post-production and delivered in HD format.


Our artists blend creative flair, technical knowledge, and production experience to produce distinctive 3D imagery and digital animations from your floor-plans, elevations, drawings, photographs and CAD files.

We will deliver high resolution images and high definition video productions. Satisfaction guaranteed.

About Us

Ridgy Digital is an artist owned and operated design and animation studio on the Sunshine Coast offering specialist 3D services to architectural firms, architects, interior designers, building designers, marketing firms and advertising agencies.

We work closely with you to deliver affordable, high-quality 3D architectural images and animation.

Project availability

We are currently available for new projects. If you believe there is a good match between your needs and our capabilities we would love to hear from you.


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